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Design to care

Soumia Masmoudi is a architect Urbaniste and permaculture designer.she is the Founder of ellearchitecture studio since 2011.
She lead some competiotions and projects in france, Vietnam and Qatar in collaboration with differents experts and locals institutions.
She mainly focuses on innovatives projects combining communauty-empowerment, ecology and food security Projects.
From scale of territorries, city or neiborhood. Soumia believe that the most successful development strategy is to trust in existing, readily available resources and to make the best out of it instead of getting depended on external systems.  Urban Agriculture is a must solution for our modern society.
Whatever the country of intervention, Soumia realizes that with urban agriculture, a new pradigm is being born. local initiatives are not only social, economic or environmental but also cultural.

Soumia was the winner (First Prize) of the International Workshops for Urban Project Management in Cergy-Pontoise in France in 2004.
She won the local private competition of Hippo Fram, Eco tourism project, Vietnam in 2015.
She was selected as Finalist of the "What Up Paris" competition in 2017, Rethink competition.