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ellearchitecture is an Urban and architectural studio engaged on projects related to ecotourism, urban agriculture, Permacultural farms and sustainable building. 

Story and Philosophy


ellearchitecture studio was founded by Soumia Masmoudi on 2010 with the aim of integrating wellbeing and ecological values, collaboration and sensitive design approaches to architectural work.


The work of our Studio intersects with research allowing to design for diverse circumstances and in reconstruction or crisis scenarios.




Resilient, ecological and localy engaged

We engaged our values on every projects linked to ecotourism, urban agriculture  ( urban gardening, Urban composting), Pedagogique school garden linked to agroforestry and permaculture.

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If you are school or organisation interested on sustainability, gardening or design collaboration. Contact us or leave us your email ! We will contact you back with more details.

  Thank you for your trust, We respect your privacy!





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We elevate collaborations between other architects, artists, economists, local governments and more, to enrich the impact and reach a better futur.

Art Studio!


"What if my art challenges are helping me to understand my environment and increase my design capacity to sustainability"

Soumia masmoudi