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2021 Agry-city publication

2020 Gulf-time Article

2020  Nexus Workshop with Qatar University

2020  E-conferences with Architect-Hub

2019  E-conference with Qatar ecoschool sharing around Sustainable practices

2019 Futur Vision " sustainable art"

2019 Participant to Eco school with Qatar Green Building Council

2018 Playtime festival 2018 by An Ordinary Cities

2017 Qatar comunauty food resilienece Green week 2017 by Qatar green building Council ( here page 60)

2017 Urban Kitchen Garden, Doha​​

2016 Workshop Foodscape PHU NHUAN with Miriam Alnet and Duc Thang Pham​

2016 Foodscape with an ordinary city

2016 Hippo farm ecolodge

2015 architecture hand poetry

2004 First Prix "Key Ring Team" , Cergy Pontoise University Competition ( Here)

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Sustainable FEW Nexus & Food Waste Management


This internationally diverse project, based around urban design practice, sees urban agriculture as a key facilitator of the Nexus, needing water and energy to become productive. Working directly with living labs in some of the most vulnerable communities in the partner cities, the team aims to codesign new food futures with stakeholders that leave them less vulnerable to forces disturbing the nexus.

Portrait de Soumia Masmoudi, architecte et permacultrice engagée


Soumia Masmoudi, architecte designer et permacultrice  a axé ses activités professionnelles sur la durabilité et l'utilisation des ressources et connaissances locales des pays qu'elle traverse. Portrait d'une femme qui s'intéresse aux autres femmes particulièrement, ainsi qu'à son environnement.


Sustainable lifestyles through art


An architect by profession and artist by passion, Soumia has long developed a particular interest about the natural environment and local resources. She uses art as a manifestation of her love for nature and uses it as means to promote sustainable lifestyle.


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Alnet Myriem, Masmoudi Soumia, Duc Thang Pham

lectures at bac khoa university, tp. ho chi minh


february – may 2016 / invited lecturer – 3rd year architecture students.


‘Foodscape Phu Nhuan’ was a 3-month workshop organised to challenge students to imagine resilient and lively streets. it was co-organised with Soumia Masmoudi from ellearchitecture and Pham Duc Thang lecturer at bac khoa university who supervised the workshop.


First price "Key Ring Team 2004


Au fil des ans, un réseau international s’est constitué autour des deux mille personnes qui ont déjà participé à l’un de nos ateliers : professionnels, universitaires et décideurs en matière d’aménagement urbain.


Architect hub
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Architect Hub webinar


Permaculture between utopy and reality

Eco Schools best practices Webinar

Starting from 2018, Qatar Green Building Council became the National Operator for Eco-Schools Qatar. QGBC works to maintain high standards and support the engaged schools through their positive actions to transform behavior in schools and communities towards sustainability.

Futur Vision "Sustainable Art Exhibition "


 is an independent initiative aimed at bringing artists and experts from different tropics and countries to think/design/ share around sustainability.

We elevate collaborations between artists, architects, scientists, local governments and more, to enrich the impact for a better futur.