About Soumia Masmoudi



After completing her Master of Architecture and Urban Planning, Soumia went on to acquire extensive experience in the field. Her design approach is grounded in authentic, thoughtful, and holistic solutions aimed at contributing to the overall health and well-being of the environment and the local community. From creating unique places in various countries to implementing innovative eco-friendly projects, she has continually sought to advance the conversation around sustainability and permaculture education. 


Having opened her own studio, ellearchitecture, in 2011, Soumia embarked on a successful and prolific professional career, working on different projects in France, Qatar, Algeria, Vietnam, and Senegal. Her focus has been on promoting eco-tourism and educational initiatives, dedicating her career to creating human spaces and habitats that exist in harmony with nature. Notable projects include Hippo Fram in Vietnam, Permaculture Gardens at Heenat Salma Farm in Qatar, and the Pedagogical Garden in the center of Algeria and Kulunbari farm in Senegal.


In addition to her professional practice, Soumia has been a devoted advocate for sustainability education since 2004, when she won the 1st prize in the international Urban Planning competition "Atelier international of Cergy Pontoise" in France. She has curated several exhibitions in Qatar, China, and Vietnam, and has delivered numerous lectures and workshops on residential design, environmental management, and permaculture. Furthermore, she actively participates in conferences and events around the world.

Through her work, Soumia has become renowned for using her unique design approach to mitigate the impact of climate change on our planet. Her pioneering efforts have earned her recognition, with several awards and grants from both private and public organizations.


Soumia Masmoudi has become a leader in the field of Permaculture, creating essential resources to help the world move towards sustainability by supporting the development of healthy and productive urban and rural spaces.



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