“The vision and motivation behind my work is to explore and use our environement as an opportunity to build cultural resources and support the local ecological balance.

As an architect permaculture designer, I am deeply concerned by RESILIENCE ( food security , hand made and community projects) 

For me, sustainability is a Collectif processes starting with locals initiatives born from resilience.


About Soumia Masmoudi

Architect and permaculture designer, Soumia Masmoudi’s work focuses on sustainability

and the use of local ressources and knowledge. Soumia has a Master of Architecture and

Urban Design Degree and Permaculture Design Certificate.

About ellearchitecture Studio

Is an Architectural and permaculture design Studio, created on 2011 by Soumia Masmoudi .

The Studio focuses on innovatives projects combining community-empowerment,

ecology and food security Projects.

References Projects : Hippo Fram in Vietnam, Project research community Garden in Qatar,

Sustainable art exhibition in Qatar

Sketching ellearchitecture
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