Hippo Farm eco-Tourism project, Vietnam


HIPPOFARM is a three-fold integrated project to develop a poney-club, permaculture garden and ecolodge.
Ellearchitecture mission was to design the master plan, The ecolodge and foodscape according permaculture principales.
In our design, we focused on:
1/ Water : We based our design on rain -garden garden to avoid lot of floting during the rain season.
2/ Ecolodge : We recycled an exhisting building to ecolodge using earth and wood folowing bioclimatic design. the building have a low consumption of electricity, recycling water system and dry toilet.
3/ The Foodscape: After testing the soil, we decide with the owner to first build a healthy one. We planted a regeneratives crops and some bananas cercles to recycle water coming from the house owner and the futur restaurant.
4/ The equester center : with colaboration of Catherine the owner, we learned a lot around horses wellbeing. The building was taking care of the horses need and the practicale aspects. 


Permaculture ellearchitecture

Hippo Farm- photo credit photographer Olivier Peix