Research center QEERI-Qatar



Feasibility study for the new research center of Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) in collaboration with Qatar GreenBuilding Council (QGBC).
ellearchitecture's mission was to offer a permaculture design for an area of less than 1000m2.
Our design proposal was based on low-tech practices with local resources. Practices approved by a community of more than 3000 urban gardeners in qatar.
- Crops: A list of 42 food-crops adapted to the desert climate and not very demanding in water.
- Water: in addition to the low tech and water saving aspect, the techniques chosen like the Faladj, the Jar and the " gout a gout" will refresh the atmosphere and some will even bring a relaxing sound quality.
- Micro climate: Through the guilt and garden rotation technique. The landscaped vegetable garden will change according to the season. Greener during winter, more mineral with more sucking plants in summer.

Building architecture : Alex Amato.  Foodscape: ellearchitecture

Ellearchitecture qeeri project g